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WaveScribe offers an exceptional blend of technology and workflow management that is unique for transcription and the entire document processing life cycle.  An individual user can manage their workflow for their unique working circumstance, while a manager in the same office can seamlessly manage multiple users at the individual level or as a group; a regional manager can monitor workflow by individual, department, facility or group as well as associated time and expense charting for the entire business entity.  

With your transcription department, typing pool, or secretarial group working "virtually", mixing and matching department projects, special jobs, human capital and daily operations can actually run, well...smoothly.  Your documentation and statistics are available on WaveScribe anytime, from anywhere, when you need it.  With WaveScribe's innovative technology platform, you can have cost-effective transcription processing that is easy to use, quick to master and simple to monitor.   The platform and associated services allow for graceful and natural growth of your document processing department or business without the expense or anxiety of constantly upgrading or purchasing new equipment and/or multiple software packages.

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Call 1-888-406-8980 for more information.
Sound files for dictated Reports, Meetings, Interviews, Speeches, Conferences and more
There are several ways to load your dictations/sound files/videos to the secure site; we'll work with you to decide which way(s) best suits your circumstances.  Additionally, phone-in dictation is available for individual users, groups or facilities.

Simple, effective Monitoring
As soon as your digital file is loaded up to the site, it is available for transcription. Users have the ability to survey the progress of all files realtime.  When transcription processing is complete, the transcribed/typed document can be accessed, edited, printed, and virtual-signed on the spot...All via the web.

Private, Confidential & Secure
WaveScribe technology utilizes encryption algorithms to ensure private, secured transmission of data between your facility, secretaries, transcriptionists, virtual assistants, editing staff, outside resources, and management to effectively administer and maintain a secure chain of trust.

Archival Services & Versioning Control
Retrieve and store your documents, reports and information securely, privately and confidentially online for easy 24/7 access. Each and every version of a file (no matter how many times it has been edited) is automatically archived and retrievable in the database.   

Built-In Audit
WaveScribe automatically logs all users who have accessed a file, when they accessed it and logs actions taken. You can audit by file or by user footprint.

On-Line Document Billing, Aging, Invoice Tracking
A running history of all of your online invoice transactions is provided, effectively providing realtime invoice aging and payment history.

The WaveScribe Transcription Service Provider Network
Normal workflow goes up and down.  In the Network and through the WaveScribe platform, your workflow can be shared at a moment's notice.  With one or multiple other transcription providers.  The choice is yours.  It is a unique way of having coverage for vacations, special projects, and special timeframes.  

If you would like to have your own private site or for more information, please visit us on the web at  www.wavescribe.com or call us at:

(888) 406-8980

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